Is Tyler Perry the Best Thing Since Spike Lee?

January 13, 2024
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Review: Daddy’s Little Girl

Friday/Saturday October 20, 2007.

By Ronke Adeyemi

The genius that is Tyler Perry just seems to get better and better. This writing, producing, directing and acting combo is proving to be the best thing to happen to Black films since Spike Lee.

Perry’s first film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman became one of the most talked about films in 2002. Diary of a Mad Black Woman depicts the traumas of Helen, an African American women who comes to terms with a bitter divorce.

This film put Tyler Perry on the map and wet the public’s appetite for inspiring and uplifting stories on African American relationships. So it was no surprise when the follow up, Madea’s Family Reunion was a box office success and now his new title, Daddy’s Little Girls has been released to great critical acclaim.

Daddy’s Little Girls is the story of Monty, played by Idris Elba, a hard working mechanic who is the doting father of three adorable little daughters. He is estranged from their mother as she is now living the life of drugs and crime with the local hood so Monty and his mother-in-law are raising the three girls while he works long hours at the garage to make ends meet.

When Monty’s mother-in-law dies he brings his daughters to live with him in his tiny apartment. Meanwhile he takes on a job as a driver for a snooty lawyer with the aim to buy a bigger apartment and provide his daughters with a better life. Unfortunately while he is out working a fire breaks out at his home and his daughters are brought to hospital.

Although they are not hurt. social services declare that his living arrangements are not fit to raise three children and award temporary custody to their mother. In order to get his beloved daughters back and away from a life of drugs Monty has to go to court.

Enter Julia, played by Gabrielle Union who is the snooty lawyer whose whole life revolves around work. While climbing up the corporate ladder Julia seems to have misplaced her sense of humor as well as the ability to find a good man. When the Monty and Julia meet, sparks fly but not in the romantic sense. Julia dismisses Monty as a uncouth handy-man and Monty writes Julia off as a stuck- up prima dona.

However, Monty’s impending court case draws the two of them together and while working on getting Monty his kids back the two begin to open up and see what the other is really like.

Daddy’s Little Girls is a real lushy romantic story but it is funny as well. Strangely it is the first film without Tyler Perry in it but the pairing of Elba and Union make up for it. These two possess real chemistry and complement each other in every way.

Daddy’s Little Girls also throws up the interesting topic of the class issue within African American relationships. This is articulated through Julia’s friend’s (Brenda and Cynthia) dismay at the relationship.

“You are supposed to have fun with him, not fall for him.” says a horrified Brenda. This film is just perfect to watch on a perfect night in, curled up on the sofa with some popcorn.

Ronke Adeyemi is a freelance lifestyle communications consultant and you can read her blog, The Musings of Ondo Lady here.

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