Seven Things To Make Us Smile

January 13, 2024
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By Jaclyn Johnson
Friday, February 15, 2008.
When we are feeling stressed, upset, angry, even nervous, we look to find something that will calm us or make us feel better. And many of us find relief in food. People who use food as a distraction and a tool to satisfy are known as emotional eaters. And emotional eating can wreck your diet goals.
Happy people tend to be more outgoing, active, energetic and thinner! Don’t worry, there are ways to avoid emotional eating.
First, recognise whether you are in fact hungry or you are eating out of emotion. Stop, think. Do I really want this? If you find that you are hungry, choose a healthy low-fat and low-calorie snack food as an alternative to salty and sweet foods. Try not to keep unhealthy snack foods around, because once the emotions kick in it is hard to turn back.
The next time you feel low don’t turn to food to make you smile, look elsewhere for comfort! Here is our list of little things that can make you smile:
1. Going for a walk
Stay active! Take a stroll outside or perhaps if you are feeling up to it, go for a run. Doing exercise will make you feel good about yourself and will let you release some tension. Though you may find yourself dreading exercise, once you start you are guaranteed to feel great! Plus, while relieving stress you are getting in shape!
2. Saturday mornings
What is better than Saturday morning? Sleep in, have a lazy day. Lie in your bed, read the newspaper, and have your steaming hot cup of coffee. We don’t take enough time out to appreciate these relaxing days. Remove all your anxiety and stress from your mind, this day is for you! See a film, catch up with an old friend, or paint your toenails. It is completely up to you, what you do. Just relax and enjoy.
3. Compliments
Whether it is paid to you or you give someone else a compliment, it will make you feel good! A boost in self-esteem can increase happiness, confidence and overall personal satisfaction. Three little words such as “you look nice” could make someone’s day.
4. Taking a beautiful picture
Being creative can be inspiring and relaxing. Most of us hold talents we didn’t even know we possessed! Grab your camera and head out to the beach, the park, even just around town and test your photography skills. Not working for you? Try painting or drawing to ease your stress. Even if it’s just doodles, it can help you release your mind if for just a few minutes.
5. Puppies
Visit your local dog pound or pet shop! These adorable little pups are sure to put a smile on your face. Does your neighbour have a dog you can’t get enough of? Offer to walk their dog once a week. You will feel great about the kind gesture and get to spend some time with one of your favourite creatures!
6. Perfect weather
There is nothing better than a crisp Autumn day, a gorgeous sunny summer afternoon or the beautiful smell of spring so get out there and enjoy it! After being pent up during blistering cold winters, we learn to cherish days when the weather seems to good to be true. Enjoy a meal or a coffee outside. Just get out and enjoy the day.
7. Losing weight
There is nothing better than feeling good about yourself. Need to beat the bulge? Fight the fat? Get to it! We can help you reach your weight-loss goals with our customised diet plans, professional support and delicious recipes. Losing weight has never been easier. Make emotional eating a thing of the past. Get your fitness routine, daily diet, and results all in one place – and start to smile!
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