Poetry By Dzekashu MacViban

January 13, 2024
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THREE POEMS By Dzekashu MacVibanFriday, July, 08, 2011.ExodusOut went we, with flocks and herdsOut of Pharaoh’s custody, seekingThe Promised Land. Songs of deliveranceRose from griots and gongs – toreTore the air with liberation-lyrics.Our marriage— now a vague dream—Was some distant lore of howWE LIVED IN DEATH.Wrapped in gnomic clouds, cold wingsOf attack beat our numbersAs divided we stoodMarching to the tune of the prophet’s voice—“Hope must forever burn in our hearts.”Our swords tasted the Amalakites’ flesh, and oursIn the wilderness of Sinai.We moved under the watchful eyes of the sunAs mirages danced at a distanceCould it be our promised land? Our hearts beat.Had we left this Mameluke-kingdomJust to come back? Surely, this mustBe our promised land! EncountersWhat new encounters, these beWith the self unseen?Methinks it’s an inner strengthResulting from some inner struggle—The flame risesTo cause unshackling—  of thoughts.Coup d’ Etats in AfricaThere’s a coup d’étatNew persons impose themselves to-nightAnd take into their hands—  the Power –To wreck the ship-of-stateGive a dog a bad name, then hang it.Thy throne’s thy grave…A young snake kills its motherYet, it ain’t differentDéjà vu, I’d sayAs a dishonest saint replaces anotherIs this our fate until the Second Coming?Dzekashu
MacViban is the author of a poetry collection titled Scions of the
Malcontent, and his work has featured in Palapala, Saraba, African
Writer, Aaduna and is forthcoming in Wasafiri. He lives in Cameroon and
blogs atwww.alternativemuse.blogspot.com.

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