Chris Powell Takes Over at Huddersfield Town

January 13, 2024
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By Newsdesk

Thursday, September 04, 2014.

Chris Powell, one of Britain’s senior black coaches has
been appointed as the manager for Huddersfield Town Football Club.

According to officials
of the Championship Division club, Powell, who will turn 45 next Monday, was
identified as the right candidate for the job after a thorough interview
process and has put pen to paper on a rolling contract.

Powell had an
illustrious career as a footballer with the London-based Charlton Athletic
Football Club and managed the club until March this year when he was sacked. Powell guided Charlton
Athletic to promotion with a record 101 points in 2012 before immediately
leading the team to a top-10 finish with one of the lowest budgets in his debut
Championship campaign, with a squad containing many of the players who won
promotion from League 1, For that particular feat he was named ‘Manager of the
Year’ for 2012.

Powell also had a good
international career whilst playing for England as a defender.

Huddersfield Town is
based in West Yorkshire, Northern England. The club chairman Dean Hoyle points
out that Powell has an excellent pedigree of developing young players, with the likes of
Carl Jenkinson, Diego Poyet, Callum Harriott and Jordan Cousins emerging in
Charlton’s First Team under his guidance.

“That is an important factor in our vision for the
Club,” he said. “As a player, a Coach and a Manager, Chris knows what it takes
to succeed at Championship level. Alongside his experience with Charlton, he
was also promoted out of this division three times during his playing career
and has become accustomed to winning.”

 “We’ve met Chris to
discuss the job in two long meetings and both times he has impressed us with
his enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of Huddersfield Town and the
Championship. He is personally highly motivated and we feel he will get the
best from the players. His record demands respect and we think he is the ideal
man to take this Club forward.”

Chris Powell Takes Over at Huddersfield Town

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