Do You Have One of the World’s Most Dangerous Jobs?

January 13, 2024
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Do You Have One of the World’s Most Dangerous Jobs?

By Business Desk

Friday, May 3, 2016.

Work is something that the vast majority of us do because we want the money. That’s the cold, hard truth. So when someone finds themselves injured at work, the pain is almost made worse by the fact that we were, you know, just trying to do our job!

But what are the jobs out there that are riskier than any others? And why do people do them? There are a lot of jobs out there in which injuries are actually fairly frequent. But people go into these careers regardless.

Let’s take a look at these popular but dangerous jobs and why people are willing to take the risks.


Animal care worker

Animals can be pretty tough to work with. Especially the kinds of animals that an animal care worker will often have to work with. In many cases, they may be the bigger, more exotic types of animal you may find at a zoo. After all, the bigger they are, the harder they can hit!

In other cases, people will be working in animal shelters. The animals here may have been abused in the past, which can lead to aggressive behavior towards humans.

So why do people do it? Who else is going to help those animals? People are willing to take a few bites or scratches in order to improve the life of a mistreated pet. Find out more at

Construction worker

When people think of construction work, they often think immediately of the dangers involved. They think of the dizzying heights, the heavy machinery, all the safety gear that the workers are made to use.

And right there is a key term to remember. The safety gear. Unlike animal care workers, construction workers shouldn’t have to accept that they’re putting themselves in any immediate danger. Injuries on the job are often the result of an oversight by the people in charge. In such cases, workers are urged to look into their legal rights. See for more information.

So why do people do it? Being able to look at a building and say “I helped build that” is a tremendous feeling. It’s a feeling that’s worth the risk to a lot of people.

Emergency medical technician

If you’re not sure what an emergency medical technician is, then chances are you’ve never had to be seen to by one. Lucky you! Basically, they’re the people that travel with ambulances in order to administer emergency treatment.

They’re the people who are usually the first on the scene when someone calls for emergency services. That alone should highlight to you the danger these professionals often put themselves in! They have to go directly to scenes where injuries occurred, which are often dangerous sites. And once they’re back in the ambulance, they’re travelling at fast speeds as the vehicles weaves in and out of traffic.

So why do people do it? Becoming an EMT is something train for specifically for many years. It’s not something people “fall into”. People do it because they want to be on the front line, helping to save lives. Want more information? See

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