Not a People Person? Avoid Them with These Jobs

January 13, 2024
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Not a People Person? Avoid Them with These Jobs

By Careers Desk

Thursday, December 8, 2016.

Not everyone enjoys doing a job where they have to work with others every day. Some people would much rather get on with their work, with minimal contact from others. It’s not exactly possible to avoid having to deal with people completely. No matter what you do, you need to have some contact with others using one form of communication or another. However, there are jobs where you don’t have to work with others as much. Most of the time, you can work alone, and you may be able to choose how to talk to other people. If you would rather work alone, try these options.

Driving Jobs

If you enjoy driving, there are several different jobs that might appeal to you. Of course, not all driving jobs mean working alone. If you work as a bus driver, for example, you will have to deal with customers all day. Some truck drivers might have a companion with them to help them load and unload deliveries. But there are still driving jobs where you might be largely alone. CDL drivers who hold a license for larger vehicles might get to enjoy long-distance drives on their own. Or they could have delivery routes in a smaller area that they get to complete alone.

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Working at Home

One of the best ways to find a job where you can work alone is to consider working at home. There are many jobs you might be able to do at home, especially if you decide to freelance. You’ll be in control of your own schedule and the work you decide to take on. You can think about the skills you already have and decide if you can transfer them to an at-home job. You can do anything from being a travel agent to accounting, graphic design, writing or providing consulting services.

Night Jobs

Another way to avoid working with too many people is to work nights. Night shifts are often a lot quieter than during the day. You might be working with others, but often you can just get on with your work. Some jobs could be even more isolated too, such as being a night watchman or working security. Jobs at night could include being a cleaner or janitor or stocking shelves in a supermarket. Of course, not all night shifts are quiet. An ER nurse working a night shift might not get much peace.

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Artistic and Creative Jobs

You can also consider doing something artistic or a trade that allows you to work alone. For example, you might sell art or things that you craft. You could be an author and spend your time writing in your office. This could also include trades such as carpentry or metal work. You would be able to spend a lot of time in your workshop or office working on plans and designs. These jobs rely on your ability to sell your products or services, so you will have to interact with people in that capacity.

If people aren’t for you, you can find jobs where you can limit your contact with them. However, creating a job for yourself might be best.

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