Adding Up: Tricks To Make Your Advertising More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

January 13, 2024
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Adding Up: Tricks To Make Your Advertising More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

By Business Desk

Saturday, December 10, 2016.

Where can the advertising of products go next? To the moon? Because that’s all we seem to have left when it comes to marketing tactics that haven’t been covered. In order to communicate your brand and product, you need to go bizarre, or weird, or something that completely stands out from the rest. While everyone is trying to get that last task done all the time, you can be concerned that advertising can get lost in the ether because there are so many ads that we are being exposed to. In fact, research shows that we are being exposed to, not including general brand exposure, 362 ads per day! But only 3% of those will make any impact or leave an impression on us.

Needless to say, even before you begin, you are up against it. You can take the route of traditional business practices and make your typical posters, you can go down the smaller, more personal routes by personalising checks (there are many websites that can help you do this if you still wish to go this way, can help you do custom logos), or you can go for big and bold statements. However you choose to market a product, there are fundamentals that you need to take into account:

Be Emotional

Style over substance is old hat now. You can cater to the lowest common denominator, but you are underestimating your audience. Don’t forget that the high-quality ads with cars jumping over ice and every man flying through some girl’s window smelling of aftershave are everywhere you look, and are of a high standard, so people’s expectations are high right off the bat. Providing an emotional sucker punch, or making someone think, is a lot more impactful. Like the cliche about it not mattering what you bought from the salesperson, but how they made you feel is what you remember. There are great examples of ads providing an emotional reaction from its audience, like many Christmas ads you see now, to drink driving campaigns that really show the penalty for being under the influence. So think about how you would like your audience to feel.

Ask Yourself, How Is This Product Going To Improve Your Life By Being In It?

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Instead of advertising a company and what it has going for it, show the product in a setting that is dynamic and show how it will benefit the customer’s life by being in it. As customers, we don’t care about how hard the business is fighting for our attention, we want the product, that is the end goal. That is why automobile ads are so successful, it shows the car in a dynamic situation where this product is getting the driver out of a jam (or an earthquake). Putting the amount of creative energy into getting the product across in an emotional way, or a way that makes it essential are the ways to get your business heard much more than the rest. Ads are a communicator of your brand and an emotion grabber in one small package. Make sure to get the balance just right.

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