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Good Workers = Great Business

By Business Desk

Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

As a business owner, you will be well aware of how difficult it can be to find the right employees for your business. Honest, hardworking and trustworthy individuals who care about your company’s success as much as you do and will always go the extra mile. But what can you do to attract, and keep these kinds of workers? Here are a few ideas.

Good Employee Benefits Will Attract The Best Workers

A competitive salary is of course essential, but on top of this good employee benefits will make your company an attractive place to work. Given a choice between two similar companies, candidates are going to pick the better one giving you more option. It could be anything from health or life insurance, disability plans and/ or pension and retirement packages. Added extras such as a company phone, laptop or even a car for certain roles are always going to be appreciated. Even training is something people will look for as it means building their skills, according to Work Active manual handling training it reduces injuries and improves staff morale too.  Have a think about what your staff would benefit from in their role, that way you can offer these as part of your employee package to attract the best workers.

Set Up a Good Office Space

A well-presented office will help your employees feel happy and motivated. So this is one area where you could put some effort in and make it the best it can be. Even small changes can boost productivity levels and mood- natural daylight or daylight bulbs instead of fluorescents for example. Living plants, white walls and good quality furniture. Provide your staff with fast, powerful computers and the best business software, this will allow them to do their job quickly and efficiently. Your office should never just be an afterthought since this is the place you and your staff will be spending most of your time.

Employ an HR Consultant

Human Relations law is incredibly important in the workplace. It covers everything from hiring to firing, health and safety wages, overtime, workplace harassment and so much more. Make sure you’re up to date with employment law, when your workers are kept happy it reducing the risk of employment tribunals.

Team Building Activities

It’s so important for your staff to work well as a team. Good communication and trust will make for the smooth running of your business. As a business owner you’re able to invest in team building activities for your staff, this could be a day of activities in the office or even an outing to a specific location which hosts these event. Social gatherings such as parties and dinners paid for by the company can also be useful way to get your staff socialising.


A good boss should always listen, so remember to take any queries and complaints on board. If you’re an approachable leader who staff are able to come to with issues, things will get sorted much more quickly. Research as showing that being a stern boss can increase workplace stress, so while you will want to maintain professional boundaries it’s worth bearing in mind.

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