What Makes the Perfect Home Office?

January 13, 2024
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What Makes the Perfect Home Office?

By Business Desk

Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

The rise of freelancing jobs and people setting up their own businesses means that more and more of us are working from home. This means that you need to have the perfect office space that you actually want to work in. In fact, designing your office is half the fun, but you want to ensure that it is practical, as well as attractive. After all, you are likely to spend a big proportion of your life right here. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that you can create an office space that meets all your needs.

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Start with Ergonomic Rules

When you are positioning your furniture and computer, there are certain ergonomic rules that you will want to follow in the first place. You should be aiming to position your computer at eye level or a little below on your office desk. Ideally, you should put your office chair in a position so that your feet are firmly resting on the floor. And since you will be spending so much of your day sitting down, it makes sense that you choose a chair that you are completely comfortable sitting in to avoid any back or joint problems.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Natural light is one of your best friends when you are creating a home office, so avoid the temptation to tuck your desk away in the darkest corner of the room. Instead, try putting your desk close to the windows and parallel to the panes if possible. Studies have shown that natural light can have a positive effect on our moods, and you can turn away to look out of the window to give your eyes a much-needed break from time to time.

Use Creative Storage Space

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One of the biggest problems in home offices is that you tend to find that paper stacks up all over the place. Instead of chunky filing cabinets that take up a great deal of space, try going for some wall storage, magazine racks, bookcases and display shelves. Another solution is to try to keep everything digitally, but you should make sure that all your files are properly backed up to avoid any potential disasters taking place.

Have a Space to Unwind

We have talked about your main working area, but you could also create another space where you can relax and maybe take some time to think. A nice comfortable chair with a lamp and a table by the side for your coffee is the perfect place that you can go to unwind. This is often an overlooked aspect of creating a home office, but having somewhere to relax can help give you thinking time and improve your creativity.

Add Some Greenery

Bring a touch of nature into your home office with some greenery. Plants have been proven to make people happier, as well as having a number of other health benefits. A lot of indoor plants don’t require a huge deal of upkeep, but there is a sense of pleasure in looking after them as well.

Personalise Thoughtfully

Every office should have a few personal items dotted around to remind you of happy times, so choose some family photos or mementos from holidays gone by. But try to rotate the things from time to time. Otherwise they will start to become boring and they will become part of the background rather than things you can look at to distract your attention.

Hide Things You Don’t Want to See

There are certain things in an office that you don’t need to see. For example, use some cord ties to keep all your wires tucked away at the back of your desk rather than in a mess at the front. Keep your papers organised so you know what you need to deal with and what can be pushed to one side for a while.

Stock Up

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Keep extras of everything you need such as stationery, printer ink, and an endless supply of caffeine. You don’t want to have to be rushing out to get these on a regular basis and interrupting the working day.

These are just a few of the things that make the perfect home office. Essentially, you want to create a space that you feel comfortable in and one that is equipped to meet all your needs. It should be both work-friendly and aesthetically pleasing so you can accomplish your goals.

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