Four Personality Types; Four Careers To Match

January 13, 2024
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Four Personality Types; Four Careers To Match

By Careers Desk

Monday, January 8, 2018.

New year is always rife with fresh opportunity. The time to really think about what  want out of your life, think and put goals together to get where you want to be, but also making sure you feel positive on the outlook of your future. Some people focus on self-improvement in the way of diets and fitness, others like to put their attention to their financial situation and make some changes. But a lot of people also use this time of year to reflect on their current career prospects and perhaps even a change of career. So if you find yourself in a bit of limbo at the moment when it comes to your career, here is a little inspiration of potential career changes that match personality types. I hope it gives you the motivation and inspiration you need to make some positive changes yourself this year.

The analytical type

Maybe you find yourself analysing things like numbers, patterns or routines easier than someone next to you. Perhaps you notice a trend in numbers, have a knack for stocks and shares prices, or just simply love to number crunch. The analytical person would really benefit from a career in accounting, finances, economics and even politics. You may want to broaden your skills by taking an MBA in finance online. This could then lead on to you making a big career change and going for some new job in the finance sector, or even the other areas we mentioned earlier. Accounting, banking, and economical career options will always suit this type of personality.

The caring type

Maybe you love to care for people, or just can’t help yourself and think of others before yourself. If this sounds like you then you may not be surprised to learn that you have a real caring nature, and this could also be able to provide the right answer when it comes to the perfect career for you. Caring careers include working in the health sector, perhaps as a qualified nurse or midwife. But it could also mean caring within the community, such as helping elderly people in their homes or when they are in care homes. It isn’t always easy to do this sort of job, which is why it suits a person with this sort of personality.

The creative type

Maybe you are creative, perhaps you like the idea of being involved in something that you create. This is when advertising, writing, or something to do with art would better suit your personality and your skills. There are always options available in these sorts of fields. You might want to think about even combining a more modern approach to your creative nature and consider careers in copywriting or website development.

The forward thinker

Finally, do you find yourself being a real forward thinker? Are you one of those people who knows what things will catch on? This is when you may want to put your intuitive personality to the test and consider a digital career. More people are now able to call blogging and even creating YouTube videos a career, simply because they knew that this sort of digital influence would become a marketing tool for many businesses. It is simple to start up and with time and dedication you to could be making money doing something you enjoy.

I hope that this has inspired you to consider some of the career options available to you.

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