The Empowerment Of Women Within Male Dominated Industries

January 13, 2024
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The Empowerment Of Women Within Male
Dominated Industries

By Careers

 Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock
for the past six months, you can’t fail to have noticed the unstoppable
momentum of the #metoo movement. Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke in
the latter half of 2017, women across social media have been sharing their
stories of sexual harassment and showing solidarity with fellow victims. This
movement has now transcended the arts and has moved into all areas of society.
There is a strong possibility that 2018 will become known as the year where a
profound shift change occured within the minds of those big businesses and
industry sectors when it comes to gender equality and the pay gap. Although
women have been put off by the ‘old boys’ club for decades, more and more women are now choosing
careers based on their skills and talents rather
than stereotypical gender roles. Take a look at the traditionally
male-dominated industries that are now seeing a new generation of women
breaking through.


Working with your hands was always seen as a masculine job. However,
with young girls encouraged to explore their talents for science and
mathematics within schools, more are selecting to study science-based and
technical degrees at university. STEM initiatives are trying to tap into the raw
talent within the female population. Just 14% of engineers in the United
States are female, but that percentage is
slowly starting to grow. A larger number of women in the civil contracting
industry means that companies are being forced
to change with working environments becoming more tolerant and respectful.


Although trucking doesn’t appear to be an industry that welcomes women,
there are a growing number of female lorry drivers. One facet of the logistics and haulage
industry is the need to prove yourself early
on. Ladies from all backgrounds have chosen a trucker way of life because it
fits in with their lifestyle. They need to transport goods and equipment to and
from set locations nationwide. Fulfilling a shipment on time and to budget
earns them the respect of males and females alike. Trucking is an inclusive and
cliquey environment but one that doesn’t tend to discriminate on the basis of
gender even if there are fewer female truckers. Ladies in this industry are a
novelty, not an oddity.


If the thought of getting your arm stuck down a U-bend doesn’t appeal,
you’re not alone. However, a large influx of women is entering the plumbing
profession and choosing to learn a trade. Although often still seen as inferior
to their male counterparts, female plumbers have found a niche taking on female
clients. Women tend to trust other women when it comes to providing an honest
diagnosis of why the toilet isn’t flushing properly. What does that say about

Although male-dominated industries still exist and will do for the
foreseeable future, a sea change is beginning. While the gender pay gap is
still present and the #metoo movement is prominent in the media, women are
empowered to break the mold to reach their full potential in the industry of
their choice.

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