4 Questions to Ask For a Bigger, Better Job Abroad

January 13, 2024
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4 Questions to Ask For a Bigger, Better Job

By Careers Desk

January 26, 2018.

Working abroad sounds amazing.
What could be better than doing a job you love overlooking the ocean? It’s true
that the grass is greener on the other side and the majority of workers would
never turn back. Still, people have to be wary of the pitfalls before they
attempt the move. For every lucky expat, there is a person who wasn’t as
fortunate. A position in a foreign country requires plenty of foresight and
planning, and that is hard work. However, four simple questions can turn the
process into small, bitesize chunks.

Here are
the ones to ask before you book plane tickets.

#1: Do I Need Help?

The first
step is to find a role in your field. Now, doing this at home is much easier
than abroad. For one thing, you understand the way the industry works in your
home country. Plus, you might have years of contacts that can point you in the
right direction. A job search in a foreign country is like starting at the
bottom of the ladder. Because that can result in less money and responsibility,
you want to stay away from the lower rungs. Instead, use Alexander
Daniels Recruitment Agency to reduce the stress. As experts in offshore
recruitment, they should find you a variety of roles in no time.

#2: Can I Get a Visa?

abroad for a career boost is pointless if you can’t get permission. Usually,
visas are easy to come by for westerners, but that’s from a holiday point of
view. Governments are far less forgiving when it comes to letting immigrants in
for the long-term. The USA, for example, only gives green cards to workers who
have job offers confirmed. Australia is different as long as you can get a sponsor. And, Canada is out of the question if you don’t
fill out an application before the October deadline.

#3: Is English Okay?

face it – English speakers aren’t known for their linguistic skills. As it’s
one of the most commonly spoken in the world, there’s no need to learn another
language. On holiday, it’s acceptable to talk slower and point to get what you
want. In an office, there is no flex for colleagues who can’t pick up the
slack. Not being able to speak with your team is a huge problem, which is why
you need to think about the environment. If it’s locally-based, you will need
to understand the basics and quickly.

#4: Do the Pros Outweigh the

about money for a moment because life is about balance. There’s a chance the
job could pay less than your current one. But, consider the overall savings by
moving abroad. For example, the cost of living – rent, food etc. – could be
cheaper and save you money. Also, think about the lifestyle. The rat race at
home gets old, and moving away can reduce stress and improve your health. Just being in the sun is
enough to make some people happy.

As long
as you have a job, a visa, and are happy, it’s a fantastic opportunity.

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