Is Your Business Using The Best Task Management Software?

January 13, 2024
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Is Your Business Using The Best Task Management Software?

By Business Desk

Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

Every single business in the world using some kind of task management system. For the many employees you have at your office, the mainstream functionality of their workday is extremely important. It’s the most common thing they will encounter in their day, which makes them more familiar with their tasks or how to access them. The interface they use and the profile they have while working in their roles is crucial to things like productivity, employee work satisfaction, ease of use, efficiency and training. Consider this for example, you have a task that involves multiple people and at every rank. Each employee will need to be able to access, then update their part in the task and then move it along to the next worker. That is an immensely complex series of steps. Not using the best software you can will clog the arteries of your business as a whole. So ask yourself, are you using the best enterprise software for this duty?

Stop hating Mondays

Everyone clocks in tired and weary on Monday morning. The Sunday night before was the last day of the week and so many want to get in their party animal time. The last thing you want is to have some kind of issue with your task management software, whereby not only can you not make sense of the order, but you can’t access the task either. Well you can stop hating this bit of the week as there is a management tool called Monday. It’s an incredibly intuitive software that is clear and open for all to see. There can be no confusion of who is doing what task, as the names and profile pictures of the employees involved are clearly displayed beside the task name.

You can manage people, their roles, tasks, objectives, goals and organize the week according to new orders and tasks as they come in. it’s also color coded so you can see what is going on with any given task with just a glance. First you choose the assignee, status, the epic i.e. the objective, select the priority and then the estimated time in which is should be completed. It gives you both macro and micro management control.

Overhauling your standards

For many small businesses, just learning about all the different options you have is a task. It’s not easy to know all the different enterprise software options you have available to you. Even if you did know about various tools and management systems, making the decision as to what is specially best for you is going to be very difficult also. You therefore may want to talk to specialists that can provide you with it consulting and evaluate how your business works and understand you needs. During the consultancy they can recommend specific enterprise software solutions that would be best for your tasks and business structure. Task management software for a bakery is not going to be good for a financial services company. By overhauling your standards you won’t be using generic or broad systems, but software designed from the ground up for your industry. Each to their own as they say.

Connecting your departments

It’s not just employees that need to work on various tasks together, but departments too. The lack of department collaboration is not good for your business. It affects the innovation and deeper understanding of your business at ground level. The tasks that your business needs to complete, often need to include various departments so that each area of expertise is met with the standards you desire. Consider a task management system like Wrike which also has the ability to include any and all departments that you have. If the research and development department is needed to look at an issue in the design department, then whatever task is having the problem can be interlinked to everyone needed. You also have the leader interface whereby you can see tasks by departments. Each department in your business is shown and listed underneath are the task they have been given. This helps to keep the ball rolling in one direction and the tracking of progress made more synced.

Management software tools are evolving faster than ever. Companies that provide these enterprise tools are themselves in a very competitive field. Each industry is deciding on what kind of features they need more in their task management tools. Monday is great for general task allocation and employee chain of command. Wrike is great for inter-departmental collaborations. And if you are still having trouble deciding on what your business needs, speak to IT specialists that can give you specific recommendations.

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