Creating Buzz Around Your Product Launch: A Guide

January 13, 2024
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Creating Buzz Around Your Product Launch: A Guide

By Features Desk

Monday, October 7, 2019.

You’ve built an amazing and elegant product, you’re prepared the marketing material, and your staff is ready to press the button on increased sales and customer satisfaction. All you need to do is launch your new product, and see your sales skyrocket and your business soar to new heights. While you might be twitching to press the activation button, there are some important steps to take in order to generate that all-important buzz around what you’ve created – an anticipation that’ll only draw in more customers and more sales for your top-end and top-quality new product.

Launch Event

Launching a new product is an excellent excuse for an event – one that rewards your staff, schmoozes your clients and draws in the industry and the press to marvel and what you’ve been working on. This is a crucial element to your buzz-creation, as you’ll be able to send out invitations ahead of time, leaving your guests tantalized and excited by the details of your launch event.

Set a Ticker

Aligning with this launch event, a simple ticking clock – in your office, on your website, and on social media – will help generate hype for your eventual launch date. Each of these is easy to produce, and easier to use to build hype, especially on social media. Use the element of a ticking time-bomb to build exhilaration and excitement for the launch of your brand new product. A smart addition here is to tease elements of your product on social media, to build the tension still higher.

Keep it Secret

If you really want the buzz from your product launch to be high-pitched and full of thrilling excitement, you should try to keep the details of the product itself as secret as possible – and it’s this mystery that you’ll trade off as your audience grows and the number of people looking forward to the solution to the mystery grows too. Secrets revealed at the launch event will go off with a bang, so do your best to keep the best bits of your new product under wraps until then.

Marketing Online

While social media has already been mentioned, there’s a host of other digital marketing solutions and angles you can and should take to market your launch. Digivante Solutions are experts in this field and can offer advice and bespoke services to help you sell this launch, and build the buzz you want around in, in order to generate more interest and sales as you count down to the day of the big reveal.

Influencer Engagement

Influencers are increasingly important in the social media space, showing off the products they love and helping businesses connect to audiences that they weren’t already connected to. Try to find some suitable influences for your business to interact with, and try to find a way in which they’ll be able to broadcast their own excitement about your launch to their followers, thus building the expectation still further.

Launching a new product is deeply exciting, and it’s through these tips that you’ll be able to share that excitement and buzz with as many people as possible before your launch day.

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