Inventive Ways To Use Promotional Products In 2020

January 13, 2024
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Inventive Ways To Use Promotional Products In 2020

By Business Desk

Thursday, November 12, 2020.

Promotional products are branded merchandise used by companies to increase brand awareness, often given away cheaply or for free at events or in store. A few common examples include shopping bags, pens, keyrings, mugs, car air fresheners and t-shirts.

When used effectively, promotional products can help to create a familiarity with your brand that can encourage more customers to trust and use your company. The way in which promotional products are used has changed over the years (with the pandemic and changing attitudes have a particular impact) – nowadays they aren’t just used to create brand awareness but also to serve added purposes. Below are just some of the most effective and inventive ways in which companies are using promotional products in 2020.

Throw in promotional products as extras with ecommerce orders

Promotional products are most commonly given away at events, however with the pandemic continuing to rage on, a lot of companies have had to put event marketing on hold. Many companies have also had to shut their physical stores due to lockdown restrictions – the second most common place to give out promotional products.

With these two forms of distribution restricted, how else can businesses make use of promotional products in 2020? One strategy that many companies have been adopting this year includes throwing in promotional products as free extras with ecommerce orders. This could include packaging a free branded plectrum with every guitar delivery or packaging a branded car air freshener with car parts deliveries. Throwing in these extras can not only help to promote your brand but it can encourage customers to shop at your site again. Such free extras show that you’re a company willing to go the extra mile to please customers. Of course, you should make sure that such promotional products are useful and relevant to have the best impact – a person buying an office chair from your site may have little use for a branded yo-yo.

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Invest in sustainable promotional products

In recent years, more people have become aware of the negative environmental impact of plastic. As a result, some people may not appreciate being given a free plastic ruler or a free plastic keyring, which they may view as unnecessary plastic usage. As a result it could be worth considering sustainable promotional product ideas. These can not only be used to increase brand awareness, but to show customers that you are an environmentally conscious company. Examples include branded wheat straws and branded biodegradable cork coasters.

Consider Covid-themed promotional products

Products like face masks and hand sanitizer have become new essential items. A lot of companies have started stocking these items to cash in on the demand. However, you could take this one step further and use these items as promotional products to also promote your brand. There are companies out there that can create custom branded face masks and hand sanitiser bottles. You could sell these or you could give these away for free.

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