A Wise Person Doesn’t Build Their Business On The Sand

January 13, 2024
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A Wise Person Doesn’t Build Their Business On The Sand

By Business Desk

Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

Before entering the lion’s den known as the business world, you have to be ready to fight. Of course, this is an exciting concept to entrepreneurs, and you most likely fall in that category, but drive and determination don’t make you invincible to failure. The key to success still lies in a clear, rational business head, and that’s something that mainly has to be acquired through experience.

Succeeding with a new business, then, requires baby steps. You have to know your limits, and grow your business as you and your team grow as individuals; or perhaps only you, if it’s a solo effort run from the comfort of a home office. Building a business from the ground up isn’t hard if you lay the correct foundations, and I’m going to help you understand the expertise and knowledge of which these foundations should consist before you start dumping floor upon floor of additional work upon what will initially be a rickety base.

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Build a brand around customers, not yourself.

It can be hard to rein in creativity as an entrepreneur, as that’s what drove you to build a business in the first place. However, in the real world, focusing and narrowing down creativity is an art in itself. No matter what you and possibly your team want from your business, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is whether there’s a market for what you’re going to offer. Supply depends on demand, and it can’t just be the demand of what the business wants internally.

Still, appealing to the consumer doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. It just means you have to offer something people want to purchase, rather than simply what you’d like them to purchase. You can develop a new good or service which utilises some unique or creative idea you have, but it has to address some need of the consumer; whether that’s a mass need or a niche need, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is whether or not your company fixes some existing problem or gap in the market. If so, then you can be as unique or creative as you want, because you’re focusing your creativity and determination on something the consumer wants, rather than something you and your business simply thinks is “cool”.

Build your brand.

There are physical and nonphysical ways to build your brand, and both are equally important, though both may differ in execution from business to business. Attractive, professional premises are important both in terms of keeping employees happy and in terms of impressing potential clients. There are guidance experts, such as Armstrong Steel buildings, who can help you with choosing the correct building design. Of course, this is only one aspect of branding, as so much takes place in the digital world now that the lack of a good online marketing strategy could really put a dent in your company’s growth. Focus on SEO and responsive design to really build your brand on the internet.

If you want to succeed as a business, you need to plan ahead. As exciting as it may be to grow and learn right this very instant, you can’t put one foot forward until the other one is firmly planted on the ground. Learn to take things easily and think ahead. Growth will come if you’re patient.

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